Vastu for Wealth

Vastu for Wealth

  • Always face the best Vastu direction while eating, working, sitting and watching TV etc.
  • In office, factory, industrial area workers should face the best Vastu direction while working.
  • In any circumstances workers should not sit under exposed beam.
  • Do not have creaking doors.
  • When you buy an old house, the first thing you should do is to paint it. It would be best if you could paint the house yourself or at least join in the painting activities.
  • Canteen in house or in office should be in south-east.
  • Temple in any building,should be in north-east.
  • Ensure that the toilet is not adjoining the pooja room, and not even above or below the prayer room.
  • Toilet placed next to the main entrance, could result in you incurring debts, so always avoid it.
  • Whenever entrance and exit doors come in a straight line, it means that whatever comes in through the door goes out of the exit. This will adversely affect your finances as they would never stay with you.
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