Vastu for stress and Depression

All the stresses, pressures and anxieties are basically an outcome of the flow of the negative energy around you. And all these elements of the outside world can easily be dealt with if your house is in sync with the universal energy system. The houses which are built according to vastu are immune to negativity and keep residents healthy and calm. Stressful situations can also be dealt well in peaceful houses. Follow vastu tips to fight depression and anxiety in your life.
  1. Throw open the shades, open the windows and let nature’s light and air fill your home.  Natural lightworks wonders on our physical and psychological health; it can improve energy, increase productivity, and calibrate your circadian rhythm balance.  You might also introduce plants into your home, as they can help detox the air of pollution and chemicals from household items and cleaning supplies.
  2. Bedroom is the place where a person spends more than 6-8 hours a day. So, it has maximum effect on the mental state of the person. Avoid placing it in the zone of depression and low moods – West-North-West. When a person regularly sleeps in this direction, he or she is likely to suffer with ailments like Thyroid. If your bedroom is already located in this direction, you can get it painted in cream colour. Along with this placing a brass deer will help you get rid of your negativity. Bedroom must also be avoided in the zone of disposal, i.e., South-South-West, as it leads to futility due to wastage of efforts.
  3. Placing a mirror on the western wall in between West and North-West directions creates feeling of failure. A person feels as if he or she is not able to match with the expected level of performance or results. Removing or covering this mirror with a piece of cloth removes the problem.
  4. Colours give quick results. Avoid putting blue colour in South and Red or Orange colours in North-East as they generate negative thinking and low self confidence. Due to Red colour in North, a person is not able to attract money. This leads to depression.
  5. Never place your photograph in the zone of depression as it also leads to depression. In fact by placing your photograph there you are unknowingly telling your space to bring depression in your life.
  6. Wear a necklace of Garnet stones around your neck for increasing self confidence and coming out of depression.
  7. Talking about your feelings and problems to someone close helps a great deal in curing depression.
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