Vastu for Plot

         The selection of a plot is very important since the plot represents a fixed form, that will radiate positive as well as negative energies depending on its location, orientation, shape, slope and soil qualityNormally a Vastu Expert is not involved at the time of buying a plot. But as a Vastu Expert, I would suggest that it is good to involve one, at the time of selecting a plot, as his inputs could be very valuable in deciding the right Site.


While purchasing a piece of land, it is a good idea to stand on the land and feel its vibration for a few moments. If you feel positive about it, consider buying the land. If not, it is probably not good for you. The Reasoning is that it is always advisable to trust your instinct but make sure you are not influenced by anything or anyone else, for good reasons.

Check the Plot history; it should be a good history. It is best to buy land where happy and successful people have lived.

There are some important points related to the Vastu of a Plot.

  1. Shape of the Plot
  2. Slope of the Plot
  3. Soil Quality
  4. Angle of the Plot
  5. Roads to the Plot
  6. Junction Plots
  7. Surroundings of the Plot


To construct a building for any purpose, land is required. And it is a fact the land has not been previously not allocated for the same. It has to be some or the other kind of site that has to be used. It should be correctly noted for what purpose the land was being used previously. While purchasing land, it is ideal to buy a piece of land that is most suitable for cultivation i.e., where the vegetation can grow. There are different types of soil based on the colour- brick red, dark brown, white, red, yellow, black etc. Generally the soil which is good for cultivation like red, brick red, brown, yellow soil etc is also good for the foundation of a building. Whereas, black and clayey soil which is not good for cultivation is also not good for buildings as it retains water and can cause dampness to the foundation. It is advised to avoid a site with black and clayey soil.

The Reason being, the black soil indicates soil that retains water and doesn’t allow good drainage. It is best to avoid such a site because it will require special kind of foundation and water-proofing which will cost many time more than the usual foundation. Again avoid rocky piece of land for construction purpose. Land with too many rocks and thorny trees is not considered good. This is because it may be an indication that there is rock below which will have to be blasted out before laying the foundation, causing unexpected expenditure.

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