Vastu for Career

Vastu for Career

  • Work place or office should not lie next to bedroom, if office is residential.
  • Sharp edged tables should be avoided in conferences or meeting rooms.
  • One must sit quite far away from the main door in the conference room.
  • High back chairs are preferred for professionals
  • Avoid sitting with your back exposed to the entrance.
  • Any of the beams exposed on office ceiling should not come parallel to your chair.
  • Keep your office desk in regular shape as in square, rectangle and avoid circular or any other irregular shape table or desk.
  • Wooden desk are best opt for while glass top-tables can be opted to place in west direction.
  • Keep a crystal on your table to promote monetary flow and for cheerful ambiance.
  • Illuminate the southern corner of office which is also apt for maximum lighting.
  • Your seating should be facing your best Vastu direction for fast and best results.
  • Light, in the southern corner of your table, ensures good business. It is nice to keep your office well-lit.
  • Quartz crystals if placed at appropriate point in your office are good for a smooth career and also bring in more opportunities.
  • Keep the telephone in the Business direction and make sure that the wires are least visible.
  • Keep a vase of fresh flowers on the east side of your desk. Make sure to have a few buds in the flower
  • arrangement, as they represent emergence of new life.
  • Different professionals have different styles of offices. If you are a writer, an artist or a research scholar, an ideal
  • location for your office would be along the back wall of the office. Such an office should not have a direct and immediate contact with the main entrance.
  • The North-East is abode of God which should be open, with light weights which takes your success to grand excellent stage. Open space here will get more ‘Ultra- Violet’ light. The main entrance, living room and bathroom or underground water storage is recommended in North-East for best results.
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