Ashoka pillar

Ashoka pillar

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  • Wooden Ashoka Pillar

    Ashoka pillar can guarantee government support. It yields result in promotion and recognition. It stands for the, values of power, courage, pride, confidence and truth. Place it on your work desk, or in your wall unit as a symbol of what you value most in life. It is the symbol of success. It yields marvellous results in areas such as…

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  • Ausipicious Metal Sun ( Energised )

    Surya Dev or the Sun represents the governing or ruling power. The Sun is also responsible for developing relationships with influential people. . It helps you to use your wisdom and skills to build relations that spread your glory and name and fame all around. A Metal sun on the east wall is a simple solution. When placed on the…

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    Tortoise has great importance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. Tortoise denotes Long life. It is recommended to old people for increasing their longevity. Crystal Tortoise works as an aid to Vastu correction as it has tremendous power to balance and harmonize the environment around us. Crystal tortoise helps in removing negative energy around us. So, when we keep…

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  • Education Tower for Academic Success, Metal Pagoda Tower for Goodluck ( Energised )

    The Education Tower has evolved from the Buddhist stupa, which is considered as a sacred object. You can place a Education Tower on the Child’s Study Table to increase his concentration in studies and also to reduce his distraction. This Tower is said to have the power to keep away anything that could distract the mind. The tower is a…

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    Fast Money Vastu Package

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Fast Money Vastu Package has been created by using the principles of Vastu Shastra, the ancient and time tested science of architecture from India. For further efficacy the principles of Chinese science for creating harmony i.e. Fengshui, have also been used. The kit is very powerful and efficient to give fast results and provide valuable cures and enhancers. Wealth Enhancer…

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  • Kamdhenu Cow

    Kamadhenu also known as Surabhi, is a divine goddess described in Hunduism as the Cow of Wish. Kamadhenu is a cow of plenty who ffulfills all the wish and is portrayed as the mother of all cows. Kamadhneu is also known as a Gayatri and worshipped as a heavenly cow. Kamdhenu fulfils all your desires. Kamdhenu is considered favourable for…

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  • LAUGHING BUDHHA for Health, Wealth and Happiness

    This sculpture will help in opening up the mind towards wealth. It will bring new ideas for making money and will create more customer satisfaction for business and will bring support of superior for jobs. It attracts Prosperity, Success and Financial Gains.It is very useful to place a Laughing Buddha figure in your homes and Offices. It is also believed…

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  • Lotus Crystal with Beautiful Stand ( Energised )

    The Lotus rising beautifully from the mud and murky water signifies overcoming obstacles in life suggests bad things can turn good and pure, even in the darkest and gloomiest situations. This inspires one that one can distance oneself from any bad luck and sufferings, eventually rise out of it and bloom elegantly if one has a pure and sincere heart.…

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  • Metal Pyramid 3*3 – Cure Vastu Dosha Defects without Breaking walls

    Use of pyramid is a practical art to harmonize-mind, body and spirit with the environment. By just placing pyramid at appropriate locations, you can achieve health, happiness and prosperity. Place this Chips Below The Tiles Or On The Door Frame To Activate Good Luck & To Save Your Premises From Evil Eyes. Place It In Your Cash Box For Wealth…

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  • Metal Tortoise For Longlife Vastudosh Brass Tortoise ( Energised )

    Tortoise was considered as a spiritual creature which indicates longevity. It is a great way to channelise the overall energy within the house. It is to be placed in the “North” of the house or the living room. It helps in Career Prospects & in New Projects. Place metal turtle in North zone of your home. It enhances your career…

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  • Om Hindu Lucky Symbol ( Energised )

    Om symbolizes the most profound concepts of Hindu belief, it is in use daily. The Hindus begin their day or any work or a journey by uttering Om. The sacred symbol is often found at the head of letters, at the beginning of examination papers and so on. Many Hindus, as an expression of spiritual perfection, wear the sign of…

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    When all endeavors seem to fail, every step taken is wrong and every corrective measure proving useless, then using the samriddhi yantram might prove helpful. • Using this during stressful times is extremely beneficial. • It increases the positive influence of the Navagrahs and pacifies the malefic effects of the planets. It can prove extremely beneficial for people with poor…

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  • Solid crystal clear Ball alongwith carved wooden stand 150mm ( Energised )

    Crystal ball is a source of light, energy and knowledge of all kinds. It is finely cut, multi-textured, radiating and shining rounded ball of crystal stone glass with a flat base to hold it. It can synthesize, analyze and reflect light, energy and its mysteries. It has a great reputation to boost your luck, chances, and foresight to save you…

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  • Three Legged Frog

    A Three-Legged Toad God helps attract and protect wealth, and safeguards against bad luck. Symbolising the flow of money, Feng Shui lore insists that a three-legged toad God statue should not be positioned facing the main door (outward). Never placing the toad in a bathroom, toilet, bedroom or kitchen is another lore. In fact, to encourage new and protect existing…

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  • Trishakti vastu Yantram OM+SWASTIKA+TRISHUL

    Trishakti is very lucky charm contains Swastik, Om & Trishul .Trishakti protects home, office & car from evil sight and energize your place. The trishul has trident carvings which is a weapon of Lord Shiva carried by yogis. It is the royal scepter of Shaiva-dharma. The tri functions are creation, maintenance and destruction which show the whole universe is in…

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    VISHWAKARMA VASTU YANTRAM (Luxury living Vastu Package)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    Wind chimes are used as sound cures to correct the path of energy flow and to remove various blockages, thereby enhancing overall luck. Windchimes make a harmonious sound when a gentle breeze blows. Different materials produce different sounds, creating an overall pleasing effect. Wind chimes are a great addition to the house to get its lost happiness back on track. Wind chimes support students who are finding it difficult to focus on their studies, it creates harmony between husband and wife and it opens the door for success. Metal wind chimes should be hung in the West, North or North West zone. When hung in the West, they attract good luck in the lives of children and assists them in bringing honour to the family. Similarly when wind chimes are hung in the North direction, they open up career opportunities and when hung in the North West zone, brings the luck of mentors into your lives.

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  • Wooden Ashoka Pillar

    Ashoka pillar can guarantee government support. It yields result in promotion and recognition. It stands for the, values of power, courage, pride, confidence and truth. Place it on your work desk, or in your wall unit as a symbol of what you value most in life. It is the symbol of success. It yields marvellous results in areas such as…

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