Gems have been used since ancient times for protection and to facilitate the release of negative emotions, which include grief, stress, anxiety, anger and fear. They work similar to an energetic filter, protecting you from outside influences and helping to dispel negative energies within your mind, body and spirit. Gems brings comfort in times of stress, reassuring you that everything is taken care of.

Amethyst helps in mind control. At the physical level, amethyst helps to stimulate the regeneration of body tissues and enhance the production of blood cells. It is often used effectively in those with low immunity. At the emotional level, amethyst is believed to increase the intuitive power of individuals along with calming the mind. If you are looking to kick the smoking or drinking habit, amethyst could help you stick to your decision because it is thought to aid in mind control.

Coral helps to reduce cholesterol. Natural coral is helpful in maintaining blood cholesterol levels within normal limits. If you want to reduce your chance of having heart disease and hypertension, try wearing a coral pendant or ring. Coral also helps in absorbing the nutrient called niacin which is important for the functioning of several metabolic enzymes in the body. At the mental level, it has a calming effect and bestows the ability to adapt easily to change.

Emerald and its substitute Jade has a purifying power and helps to remove toxins from blood. It has a rejuvenating effect and is useful in relieving physical exhaustion and mental tiredness. If you want to reduce these complaints, wear Emerald or Jade so that it can also boost your self confidence and do away with a low self esteem.

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