Diabetes is a very common disease these days and its like termite to the human body. Gem therapy in such cases is administered based on the premise of making a sluggish body system faster and can rev up the metabolism. The gemstones that help to control blood sugar levels are natural ruby and natural organic  coral. With the inherent intensity and fire, these gemstones not only enable greater physical activity but also foster more stamina and self control (especially when it is about controlling portions of carbohydrates and sweet treats). Natural red garnet is the substitute for ruby, the gemstone of Sun. Sun represents bones, blood vessels, digestive enzymes in human body. Natural coral is the gemstone of planet Mars which rules over blood and its constituents as well as metabolic enzymes in the human body.

Pearl helps to improve the functioning of the pancreas, this gem has the influence of increasing insulin secretion in the body and helps its appropriate utilization. It also helps to remove fluctuations of the mind to create emotional stability.

Combination of these gems can be really beneficial in case of diabetes.

In our experience we have found that the power combination of Red and White Coral very much helps in controlling diabetes as well subsiding its bad effects on the human body.

The same combination can be worn as a pendant with both the gems mounted together, and wearing White coral towards ‘Ajna Chakra’ and the Red Coral towards ‘Anahata Chakra’.

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