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Rules For Purchasing Land - Vastu Shastra

Shalini Gupta

The selection of a plot is very important since the plot represents a fixed form, that will radiate positive as well as negative energies depending on its location, orientation, shape, slope and soil quality. 

While purchasing land, it is ideal to buy land that can be cultivated, i.e., where the vegetation can grow. Land with too many rocks, worms, bones, and thorny trees are not considered good. 

If it is high at the center and sloping towards the sides, it is not good. Black and clayey soil are not good for building. If the soil is crumbly rock, money comes without effort. Yellow soil is ideal for the business community.

  • Rocky, non-cultivable land is not good.
  • Yellow color soil is good for business class.
  • Plots/buildings sold by rich people for reasons other than misfortune & poverty is good. Sale by distressed, unfortunate people should be avoided.
  • The rectangular plot with long north to south is better than long east to west.
  • Wider front gate & narrow end is not good. Narrow front with wide back is good.
  • A small sized plot between two bigger plots is not good.
  • If your plot is not rectangular see that at least South East and South West Corners have a 90 degrees angle.
  • A road on the Western side is reasonable.
  • The plot at the T- junction should be avoided.
  • There should not be any cemetery graveyard, tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or the back. If this is the condition, the people residing in that house will live in fear and will never have the peace of mind.
  • A temple, church, the mosque also should not be in front of any house otherwise the inmates will always be sick and mentally upset.

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