Shops & Showrooms

Vastu for shops and showrooms

  1.  Square or rectangular shape shop is auspicious.
  2. You can keep the heavy items in the South-West side of the shop.While constructing the shop/showroom, make sure that there is no slope towards the main entrance, as it obstructs the path of profits.
  3. Place sofas and beds against solid walls to anchor them, rather than leaving them ‘floating’ in the middle of a room.
  4. Make sure your main counter is facing the door, that way you are in control of the shop and you can see who is coming in. If your back is to the entrance you will feel an unconscious uneasiness which drains your energy.
  5. Lighting should be bright, so customers will easily find what they're looking for. However, it shouldn't be too bright, as this can cause headaches or make customersuncomfortable.
  6. The perfect locations for the pantry are South-East.
  7. Generators and other electrical gadgets are good if kept in the South-East direction
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