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Online Store

  • Special Offer

    5.25 Carat Natural Turquoise(Firoza) Gemstone Excellent Quality Gemstone Certified from

    Turquoise is believed to be as a guard against all disease. It helps in tissue regeneration, subtle body alignment and strengthening. This stone is physically helpful for skin problems, anorexia, headache, throat problems, breathing problemsasthma, infections, teeth, hearing and high blood pressure. It is related to all the chakras especially throat chakra to enhance communication skills. The distinct vibrations of Turquoise resonates with the third eye chakra and allows one to access the past life knowledge.

    Rs.999 Rs.499 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    5.25 Crt. Malachite/Dana Firang Natural Gemstone Best Quality from

    Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. It guards against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies. Keep near microwaves in the kitchen and televisions in living areas. In the workplace Malachite protects against noise, over-bright fluorescent lighting, and harmful rays from technological equipment, negative phone…

    Rs.999 Rs.499 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    5.25 Ratti Opal Stone for Men and Women (Crystal)

    Wearing Opal brings love and happiness in the life. Opal benefits are numerous. Opal gemstone was formed many years ago in cracks and spaces by the combination of silica and water. It is the most colorful of all the gems and the play of iridescent colors makes it more beautiful of all the gems. Opal is found in many colors, but the most common ones are white, grey, pink, slate, olive brown, and black. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia.

    Rs.799 Rs.499 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Amethyst Stone Original Certified Natural Top Quality Gemstone 5.25 Ratti

    Gems have been used since ancient times for protection and to facilitate the release of negative emotions, which include grief, stress, anxiety, anger and fear. They work similar to an energetic filter, protecting you from outside influences and helping to dispel negative energies within your mind, body and spirit. Gems brings comfort in times of stress, reassuring you that everything is taken care of.

    Rs.1,099 Rs.699 Buy Now

    Blue Sapphire will help to bring the wearer wealth, fame, a good name, health, happiness, prosperity, a long life, mental peace, and good children. Wearing a blue sapphire protects against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, accidents and problems from storms, fire, or natural disasters. It can cause financial fortunes to change for the better, help with a person’s career, and make the wearer rich. It can free one of mental anxiety.

    Rs.2,999 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Brass Lion Statue Idol – Vastu Shastra Remedies & Feng Shui Remedies

    • As the king of the animal world, the lion stands for battle and power.
    • In Western culture, the lion stands for fire, the sun, and gold.
    • When kings and people of authority wanted to display their wealth, power, and prestige to the outside world, they would place sculptures of lions at the entrances to their houses or in the palace garden.
    Rs.1,999 Rs.1,199 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Cat Eye Gemstone 5.25 ratti by

    Cat’s Eye Gemstone

    Cat’s eye gemstone has various benefits along with protecting one from the evil effects of Ketu.
    It brings in comforts to a person’s life by bringing in wealth and better luck to the wearer.
    Its wearer is favoured with fortune and brings in profitable ventures for businessmen.

    Rs.1,999 Rs.999 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Chinese Dragon Statue Pair for Wealth Luck, Good Fortune and Success

    he Dragon, long held as the symbol of power, nobility, success, divine protection and vigilance is unsurpassed in its imperial status in the realm of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Regarded as the Supreme Being in the universe, it is believed to possess the ability to live in the sea, fly up the heaven and also coil up to form the shape of mountains.

    Rs.600 Rs.350 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Coral Gemstone

    Coral has miraculous effects of healing. It helps in eruptions of the face, boils, acne, skin ailments, it purifies the blood and guards and protects against cuts, wounds, bruises and injuries.

    Rs.2,499 Rs.999 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Crystal Tortoise for Good Luck, Success And Prosperity

    A Tortoise is well known for its long life and is the symbol of a long and successful life. A Crystal Tortoise
    in Vastu is known to increase concentration, improve the longevity of life and bring positivity to your
    life. Additionally, a Crystal Tortoise in Vastu also help to eliminate negative energy and improve your
    good luck and career prospects. It is for this reason that having a Crystal Tortoise in your home or office
    is advised by healing experts all over the world.

    Rs.699 Rs.350 Buy Now
  • Education Tower for Academic Success, Tower for Goodluck

    Evolved from the famous Buddhist Stupas, these stupas were places of learning and were
    considered sacred. The Education Tower (Energised) has the same properties, focusing on the
    aspect of academic success. Vastu Shastra highly recommends placing the energized Education
    Tower (Energised)on a study table to enable academic success. The Education Tower
    (Energised) has the power to increase concentration, reduce distractions, and is also a sign of
    good luck.

    Rs.700 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Fast Money Vastu Package

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Invest in the Fast money vastu package today to wish away your money problems and find endless
    stream of wealth and prosperity streaming into your home.This Yantram has been specially created by
    our Purohits using vastu tips for money luck.

    Rs.7,999 Rs.3,999 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Gold Elegant Elephant Brass Statue Showpiece Sculpture Lucky Figurine House

    The Elephant Is A Symbol Of Wisdom And Strength. Elephants Have A Reputation In Both Indian And Chinese Culture For Attracting Wealth And Good Luck.

    Rs.1,999 Rs.899 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Gomed/ Hessonite

    Gomed removes confusion and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament. Rahu periods are often accompanied by confusion, disillusionment and lack of confidence. Gomed stone removes these symptoms and provides relief.

    Rs.1,799 Rs.999 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Jumping Horse Brass Statue Animal Horse Feng Shui Decorative Showpiece Figurine

    Horses throughout our history and even in the present times are known for their power, stamina & energy level and are a symbol of graceful victory.

    Rs.1,799 Rs.899 Buy Now
  • Kamdhenu Cow

    The Kamdhenu Cow (Energised) has many forms that are highly revered in Hinduism. In its first
    form, it is known as Surabhi, a divine goddess and a Cow of wishes. In its second form, it is
    known as Gayatri, a heavenly cow. In all its forms, it is considered a symbol for granting your
    wishes, positivity, calm and prosperity. In addition to the historical references, the science of
    Vastu Shastra finds it a favorable symbol for success, prosperity, wealth, peace and happiness
    amongst other positive influences.

    Rs.1,600 Buy Now
  • Laughing Budhha for Health, Wealth and Happiness

    The Laughing Buddha is believed to bring happiness and abundance wherever it is kept. As such often
    you would find it positioned in many a home, restaurants and also at a place of work. The Buddha is
    always seen as smiling. Hence the name Laughing Buddha.

    Rs.500 Buy Now
  • Lotus Crystal with Beautiful Stand ( Energised )

    According to Vastu Shastra principles, the energised Crystal Lotus brings growth, love, good
    fortune, amongst other positive results. This Lotus is placed in different places for different
    reasons according to the science of Vastu Shastra.

    Rs.1,200 Buy Now
  • Metal Pyramid 3*3 – Cure Vastu Dosha Defects without Breaking walls

    Pyramids have long been considered and used as a symbol for harmonizing the mind, body, and
    environment. It is a sign of health, happiness, and prosperity. It is recommended to be placed in
    both workplaces as well as home. The science of Vastu Shastra states that the properties of the
    energized Metal Pyramid, are positive for usage in both areas of life.

    Rs.200 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Metal Tortoise For Longlife Vastudosh Brass Tortoise -Energised

    Tortoise was considered as a spiritual creature which indicates longevity. It is a great way to channelise the overall energy within the house. It is to be placed in the “North” of the house or the living room. It helps in Career Prospects & in New Projects. Place metal turtle in North zone of your home. It enhances your career opportunities. It is also characterized by stability. It gives a sense of great security. It is to be placed at back for security, longevity & freedom from the fear. Placing the tortoise at the very entrance will safeguard your home from negative energy. Placing the tortoise near the bed head will take away all your anxieties.

    Rs.799 Rs.450 Buy Now
  • Om Hindu Lucky Symbol ( Energised )

    The Om is a highly powerful and revered symbol for the Hindu community. It is associated with
    the sign of good luck and fortune. Members of the community use the symbol to mark an
    important event, right from exams, to offices, and of course homes. According to the science of
    Vastu, placing it at important locations like the entrance to your house, prayer room, etc is a
    point of attracting positive energy and fortune.

    Rs.300 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Pair of Kissing Duck Showpiece (Silver 19cm)

    The pair of kissing ducks are made of aluminium alloy which makes them sturdy and durable. They are light weight and can be kept anywhere so bring in some good luck.Mandarin ducks are said to be interdependent on their mates. Without a partner, they don’t live long. In Chinese FengShui, a pair of kissing ducks represent love, peace and luck. brings to you this pair of kissing ducks which have to be kept together to secure a healthy relation with your spouse.

    Rs.1,299 Rs.600 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Pair of Kissing Duck Showpiece Golden Color by

    • 1 Unit Of Pair Of Kissing Duck Showpiece – Best For Home Decor
    • Ideal For Gifting Purposes
    • The kissing ducks by are nicely placed on a durable stand with beautiful details curved out on it. The detailing gives the showpiece figurine a stylish extaordinary look.
    • Place the pair of feng shui kissing mandarines in your bedroom or living room and enhance the beauty of your decor. Other than bringing good luck home, they can be added to your show piece collection to uplift your interior decor.
    • If you are not married, display the double happiness symbol so that it helps you to find yourself a good wife or a good husband.
    Rs.2,349 Rs.1,199 Buy Now
  • Special Offer


    Pearl removes the evil effects of moon and in turn it strengthens the mind force and facilitates good sleep. Pearl is very useful for ladies as it increases beauty and facial luster. It is concerned with vision, feelings, temperaments and richness. It develops harmony between husband and wife.

    Rs.1,599 Rs.749 Buy Now
  • Pure silver and Gemstones Bracelet

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    This Navgrah Bracelet is a wonderful Bracelet which will give powerful results to your brother. It will act as a -*wonderful and beautiful gift.

    • Makes the personality attractive
    • Purifies your area
    • Enchance Fortune
    • Help to increase Health, Wealth and Eductation
    Rs.7,999 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Reiki Crystal Products Tiger Eye 10mm Crystal Stone Bracelet Reiki Chakra Healing Gemstone for Men and Women

    • Tiger Eye also brings monetary gains to the wearer and improves the financial standing. Hence, it is widely recommended for businessmen as well
    Rs.849 Rs.679 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Rose Quartz Mala energized

    This rose Quartz Mala specially made by is made up of pure Rose Quartz prepared from the best Minds in the world this is a beautiful my love in which the size of the beads increases till the middle of the Mala and then decreases giving it a unique quality of giving positive energy to the wearer

    Rs.2,999 Rs.1,200 Buy Now
  • Special Offer


    Wearing a natural ruby can help overcome timidity. For individuals who find it hard to make themselves heard, it is a fantastic gemstone for it gives support to the “self”. Sun is a natural aatmakaraka and wearing a ruby gives boost to it. Wearing a ruby can benefit the wearer by begetting support from state, authority, administration. Natural ruby is red in colour and it is often associated with passion and love. Rubies are often gifted as a mark of undying love.

    Rs.2,499 Rs.1,499 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Solid crystal clear Ball along with carved wooden stand

    The vastu crystal ball benefits are multifold but the main function of this beautiful ball is to bring
    positive energy into your home as well as commercials establishments like hotels, factory, offices
    etc.The crystal ball vastu shastra emphasizes keeping this ball in your home if you are suffering internal
    clash in the house or if you have people suffering in the household from any illness. The crystal ball is a
    shining round globe with a finely cut surface and is mounted on a flat base .It is well known to cleanse
    the premises of all negative energy and bring in positive energy to cure all illness. It is believed to
    improve your luck and thus helps you to achieve success, wealth and prosperity

    Rs.7,999 Rs.3,499 Buy Now
  • Three Legged Frog, Feng Shui from

    As per the ancient art of Feng Shui, the money frog has immense importance and is seen as a powerful
    tool to attract money and prosperity. The money frog is a 3 legged frog with coin in its mouth.
    The money frog mantra of abundance and prosperity will be yours if you understand the implications of
    this ancient symbol. The money frog mantra indicates a jumping frog which is positioned to bring money
    into your house and hence symbolizes wealth and money making way into your household.

    Rs.300 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Three-Legged Frog with Coin feng Shui Three Legged Frog Statue

    • It attracts wealth to the household or work establishment
    • It is supposed to bring good news of money flowing into your household
    • It helps people to overcome bad habits like overspending
    Rs.599 Rs.250 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Tiger Eye Gemstone

    Tiger Eye is beneficial to bring focus in mind. It also improves the stamina and re-energizes the senses.

    Rs.999 Rs.499 Buy Now
  • Trishakti vastu Yantram OM-SWASTIKA-TRISHUL

    The Trishakti Yantram is a lucky charm. It contains three elements- the Trishul at
    the top, the om in the middle and the swastika at the bottom. The Trishakti Yantram
    (Energised) is a very powerful symbol to have at home, office or car. The Trishul is the symbol
    of Lord Shiva and it conveys the ideas of destruction and power. The Om is often associated
    with peace and prosperity. Invoking the Lord’s presence through this single syllable Om can
    bring success and peace into the family. The Swastik is a symbol which brings good luck to the
    person. And the combination of three is very powerful and can result in the prosperity of the

    Rs.250 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Vastu Pyramids samriddhi Yantra for Prosperity Wealth Health Happiness …

    Samridhi yantram is considered as a powerful tool as per the Vastu Shastra. It looks very simple
    but can relieve you physically and mentally. This is why a lot of Vastu Shastra experts have
    advised that this is a product that should be present in every home. The expert statements
    also say that it is very beneficial as you can achieve success if you have this at your home.

    Rs.1,799 Rs.1,200 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    VastuMiracles Look Metal (Brass) Surya Dev Wall Hanging for Home Decor

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Sun is the symbol of power and authority. Through the ages the Sun has been synonymous with brilliance and unparalleled wisdom. As per the principles Vastu Shastra it brings name, fame and progress.

    Rs.699Rs.1,150 Buy Now
  • Special Offer Emerald Gemstone 5.25 ratti

    Emerald brings in intellectual progress. Natural intelligence and intellect is the domain of Planet Mercury and enhancing this planets power brings in better understanding of life, a balanced perspective and better ability to grasp deeper subjects too.

    Rs.2,999 Rs.1,249 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    VISHWAKARMA VASTU YANTRAM -Luxury living Vastu Package

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Vishwakarma Vastu Yantram Will Give You Luxurious Life

    In ancient India, the emperors, the kings, the maharajas and the nawabs had used the principles of Vastu Shastra and had lead a luxurious and prosperous life.
    If you want to live a luxurious stress free life and prosperous, is there to help.

    Rs.20,000 Rs.7,000 Buy Now
  • Wind Chime for Home- Positive Energy And Mentor Luck -Energised

    Wind chimes are not only beautiful to look at but their pleasant tingling sound has always been found to
    create a soothing effect on all close by. This is why Wind Chimes have been found to be a part of every
    household in the modern times. Surely, there is hardly a home nowadays wherein this pleasant
    sounding adornment does not grace the interiors of a well-laden home.

    Rs.600 Buy Now
  • Wooden Ashoka Pillar (14 Inch)

    The Ashoka Pillar (Energised) is an important figure in history. Through the science of Vastu Shastra, it has more positive implications like success, government support, recognition, etc. The Ashoka Pillar (Energised) is an energized item that aids with promotion, strengthened support from the government, and success amongst others. The science of Vastu Shastra intends for people to place the Ashoka Pillar (Energised) in places of importance, with one focus. It is rooted to deliver that promise.

    Rs.1,750 Buy Now
  • Special Offer

    Yellow Citrine Sunhela (5.25 Ratti)

    Success Stone
    It is the gemstone to bring about success and prosperity. Due to this, it is being named as ‘Success Stone’. It is a manifestation of wealth and good luck.
    unela represents planet Jupiter which is a divine planet of the solar system. Citrine is also known as Sunela “Sunahala” and available in golden color.

    Rs.899 Rs.499 Buy Now