Online Consultancy

Online consultation is a powerful tool to receive consultancy faster and to reap the benefits of application of principals of Vastu and Fengshui.

Please send the following details over email :

  • Name & Date of Birth,
  • Problem in Detail
  • Map of your premises, floor plan or site details, as an attachment to the email
  • Photo of the property from all four sides along with the surroundings
  • Direction of Building facing and Door Facing
  • Details of the Occupants


After getting the above details a comprehensive report of Vastu and Fengshui will be prepared and sent to you. The Report will include:


  • Analyze the things against Vastu and Fengshui principals
  • Guide you about the directional elements
  • Removal of defects due to wrong placement of main door, toilets, beams, electricity panel, generator, bore well, water tanks, store, kitchen etc.
  • Suggesting remedies without any major alterations and demolitions
  • Guide you with accurate cure of your specific problems
  • Suggesting appropriate colours scheme and placement of furniture etc.
  • Specific focus on cash flow improvement, business/career growth and health matters as well as relations
  • Suggesting remedies to enhance academic performance of children
  • Temple location, if any
  • Kitchen location and water and burner position
  • Bedroom location and sleeping directions
  • Children’s bedroom location and study table directions
  • Cash box/safe position
  • Garden/potted plants position
  • Suggesting simple and workable cures and remedies for Vastu and Fengshui non compliances

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