Factory & Office

Factory & Office

  1. Choose factory in East, North or North-east direction in order to make more profit in long-run.
  2. The entrance of factory must be in East direction and main gate should be huge with two shutters.
  3. For early dispatching and good profits, make the provision of keeping finished goods in North-west.
  4. Tube-well or bore well must be made provision in North-east and this area should be kept light and clean.
  5. The finished products should be taken out of factory through the door in the northwest direction. This will ensure quicker disposal of finished products and greater profits.
  6. Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools should be kept in eastern or northern sides, avoiding northeast, northwest and southeast corners completely.
  7. Energy meters, furnaces, transformers, generators, boilers, and other equipment involving heat energy should always be kept in the southeast direction.
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